What is Soundfont? How to open Soundfont?

What is Soundfont?

SoundFont (.sf) is a file format designed for recorded and synthesized audio, especially for the aim of music composition. It can store any number of instrument sounds, up to the 128 sounds of General MIDI (GM). From now on, Soundfont has been available in Piano+. It is time for you to access to a better quality of piano music world.

How to upload and play a Soundfont file in Piano+?

Similarly to MIDI and KARA file, it is very easy to make a Soundfont file available in Piano+. Please follow this instruction:

1. Search and download a file format Soundfont2 (.sf2) from the Internet to your device. Save it in a folder easy to be opened.
Download from: http://pianisthd.com/soundfont/

2. Open Piano+, go to Instruments. 

3. Choose Soundfont tab and "Open Soundfont" (green tab)

4. Select a file browser.

 Access to the folder containing your downloaded Soundfont.

5. Open the file. There will be a list of various instruments appearing. Select an instrument and enjoy.


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