How to use instruments in Piano+

The musical instruments in Piano+ use three systems of sound.

1.  MIDI sound
 The first system uses MIDI sound files (MIDI sounds), which create different sounds on from different devices, depending on the hardware of the corresponding devices. Therefore, you may find your device makes a sound far different from that of a real piano. And all the instruments in this system are free.

2. HQ Sound
- The second system uses WAV, MP3, OGG files... ( High Quality Sounds), which have a better sound quality and are completely independent on each device. 

- Piano HQ doesn't need purchasing. It is available already
- Other instruments require Rubies to be enabled. To learn what is Ruby and how to get, please see Here
Notice: In case download of any instrument fails or the data is corrupted, please click on that item to redownload.

3. Soundfont: See more at

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