How to use this application?

Piano+ enables you to learn, play and enjoy an on-hand piano instrument. Following the visual instruction of hint notes, just tap on keys to make rhythm.

To start playing a song:
1. Open Songbook, select a song.
Songs are put into different levels. Try some easy ones first!

2. Tap the note
The notes gradually move downwards. Tap the corresponding keys as soon as notes reach the top edge of keyboard:

3. Hold on 
The length of hint indicates note duration. Keep pressing key until the hint disappears completely. This helps to make a perfect rhythm for your song. 

Basic control actions:
1. Move keyboard
When you are playing, Piano+ auto moves towards the most convenient position for you to play. Or vertically drag background part above the keyboard if you want to do manually.    

2. Move hint keys
You can also move back to a previous part or skip to an upcoming part by tapping Up-Down arrow.

To learn more, watch our tutorial video:

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