Shot them down!
2020 AD, Martians and Earth had been through years after years of fighting. Finally, they left after their last failed invasion. After this great stand, Earth has to clear up the massive war remnants, among which, the most dangerous are Martian's hybrid mecha-organic bombs so called the Red Spheres. Those bombs, though small, contain the intense amount of red matter. Once released, they will automatically search and destroy nearby living targets, releasing extremely high radiation. Even been partly neutralized, these favourite Martian's weapons still lurk around the dark space, searching for unlucky victims. Our duty is to seek and annihilate them.
The only way to destroy the Red Spheres is to shoot them with the anti-matter Rounds. The anti-matter in this Round will block and decompose the red matter. Luckily we're equipped with the Galaxy Cannon which can shoot unlimited Rounds. Let's use this Cannon to save Space.
Touch the screen and move your finger to aim. Lift your finger to shoot. The further away your finger is from the Cannon, the more powerful the shoot is. Aside from the Rounds, there're Spikes which are made of unknown Martian's materials that we collected after the war. These Spikes also can destroy the Red Spheres but they're limited. Thus, use them wisely.
Remember, sometime you'll encounter the Spheres constrained by the Chain. Try to shoot the Spheres, not the Chain as it will release the Spheres in to the dark.

This game was made with great passion of Rubycell. We spent months for every tiny details with the thirst to bring you the most addictive game, which features the interesting game play, the unique level designs, the exciting music and beautiful graphic all in one game.
- This game is available in all Android phone ARMv7 or above with Android 2.2
- HD version for Android tablet available.
- Real time 2D physic game play
- Global High score and Social gamming with OpenFeint
- Five awesome high resolution wallpapers can be achieved in game.
- 40 current levels and other packages coming.

There will be some advertisement in the game. If you don't want the advertisement to be shown on the game you like, you can buy the key to unlock them. If you feel there're too many advertisements or if you think they're inappropriate, please email us at: support@ rubycell.com


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